Aug 20 2013

How To Manage Your Finances As A Freelance Writer


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People get into freelance writing for two reasons: they can’t get other work, perhaps because they have a young child, they are disabled or the job market is really bad, or because they love writing.  For some writers it is a combination of both.  Nobody ever gets into freelance writing for the money.

This is not to say that it is impossible to make good money as a freelance writer; indeed, some people have very lucrative careers.  It is, however, a tough business, and it demands dedication long before it starts to deliver rewards.  People starting out as freelancers either need to have other paying jobs or need to be prepared to get by on very little remuneration.  It is vitally important to know how to manage money; not only does this help to make a little go a long way but also it helps to save a lot of time and effort.  Good money management is efficient money management, and it frees up more time for writers to focus on putting words on the page.

Five steps to success

For people who want to succeed in the writing business, there are simple rules that can make all the difference.

  • Never write for nothing.  It can be worth doing unpaid work to increase visibility, but only if the publication in question has serious outreach.  It can be worth interning, but only if real education is provided.  Writers have to be wary of being taken advantage of.
  • There is always a job out there.  As long as low paid work does not eat up time that could be spent chasing more lucrative jobs, it is worth doing.  It is better to be earning something than nothing, and all paid work helps to build up a portfolio.
  • Find a niche.  Most writers work in a lot of different areas to get by, but having one or two specialist subjects or skills helps with building a reputation to the level where much better paying jobs are within reach.
  • Claim expenses.  What can be claimed varies by jurisdiction, but computer and stationery costs, a share of household bills and some travel costs can all potentially be declared against tax.
  • Aim high.  Too many writers undervalue themselves.  Making real money requires a proactive approach that includes contacting high-end publications and big businesses – they just might be hiring.

Keeping money simple

Freelancing can mean juggling a lot of contracts, especially with the smaller jobs needed to fill in between the larger ones, and it is often a good idea to sign up with an umbrella company.  These organizations can often help with sourcing contracts and, most importantly, can take care of all those tricky tax and finance issues.

For writers who choose to go it alone, the most important thing is to keep on top of accounts.  It is a good idea to set a day aside at the end of the month for sorting out invoices and chasing up late payers.  Accounts need to be kept neat and up to date – it is always possible that they will be audited.  Good organization pays dividends, as it ensures that no money goes unclaimed.



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May 21 2013

QualityGal – I’ve been hired

I am happy to report that I was hired by QualityGal today!  I am thrilled with this new egg!  I had some feedback from the editor to improve my future submissions and after clarifying with her, I’m confident I’ll do great here!

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May 21 2013

Join The Craze – Swagbucks

Warning! I’m going a little off topic today!

I am addicted to Swagbucks and wanted to share this fun and easy way to earn some free gift cards and prizes.

For those that do not know what Swagbucks is, let me give you some basic information, followed by step-by-step instructions on how to join. is a rewards site that  allows web users to earn virtual currency by searching the web, shopping at their favorite retailers, and by engaging in other activities such as phone recycling, submitting polls, and completing special offers. is the only place on the web to get what you want without ever having to spend a dime.

As a freelance writer, I am constantly using search engines to research topics I am writing about. When I heard about Swagbucks, which is a search engine that you can use and then earn prizes, I was intrigued.  I saw many posters on my favorite message board,, with links in their siggy lines and talking about how fun it is.  I went to the site and checked it out.  I joined. I am addicted.

Basically, you download a toolbar for your browser. It has a search box, just like Google. Instead of searching from Google, search from the Swagbucks toolbar. (You earn 1 Swagbuck every day you have the toolbar). Or, you can go to the Swagbucks home page and search from there . Every once in a while, you will win some Swagbucks.  You’ll see a box with the amount of Swagbucks that you won, at the top of your search results screen.  You can also participate in offers, daily polls, and more, to earn even more Swagbucks. Get referrals and earn a percentage of what they earn! At least once a day a code is hidden, and if you find it you can win even MORE Swagbucks! The code can be hidden in the toolbar, where you can get messages, or on the Swidget that you can place on your website, it may be on the SwagBlog, hidden somewhere on the Swagbucks website, or it can be on Twitter, which you will see if you follow Swagbucks on Twitter.

My goal for Swagbucks is that I am letting my bucks add up, and up, and up; I currently have over 5,000 after about 6 months of using Swagbucks.  I’m going to turn them in for gift cards and prizes that I will use for Christmas. It’s free gifts!  I can use the gift cards to buy products, or simply give the gift card as a gift.

I say it’s addicting because it’s like playing the lottery. You never know when you are going to win some Swagbucks, so it’s fun to see them appear after you’ve done a search. Oh, and Swagbucks uses Google, so you’ll get good search results when you use the Swagbucks search box. And, there are no ads or anything aggravating like that.

Join Swagbucks now and get 60 Swagbucks just for joining!  (Only brand new members can get this offer.)

To sign  up for Swagbucks, follow these 3 easy steps:

1.  Go to Swagbucks website and sign up. You’ll have to provide your name, email, password, zip code, and birthdate.

2. Enter the code: SBTVisOnTheAir (This code is case sensitive. It expires Friday, October 22 at 11:59pm PT)

3. Now start using Swagbucks as your search engine and start winning!

Search & Win

Introducing Swagbucks TV – New Way to Earn Swagbucks
Directly from Swagbucks: “Today is introducing Swagbucks TV, the new home for rewarding video content on the web.  Find fun, fresh, and original video entertainment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on topics ranging from Health&Beauty, to Technology, Sports, Nature, and more!  In addition to all the great content, you’ll be eligible to earn Swag Bucks periodically as you watch videos, with multiple earning opportunities and values every single day! And, for the first two weeks, they’ll be extending our referral matching program to Swagbucks TV.  That means that you’ll earn matching Swag Bucks every time your referrals earn on Swagbucks TV!  (Note: you will receive a bonus at the end of the two week period which contains the full total of all your matching TV bucks) There will even be special Swag Codes every day which reward people for answering trivia questions about the videos featured on the site.”

Here are two examples of how many Swagbucks you need to redeem for  popular gift cards:

1. $5 gift certificate can be purchased with 450 Swagbucks.  This means it costs only 90 Swagbucks per dollar.  You can use more than one gift card on one transaction, so you can get some pretty great stuff for free!

2. $10 Starbucks gift card can be purchased for 1300 Swagbucks. This is one of the few gift cards that Swagbucks will mail you, the rest are eGiftcards. So this makes a great gift option that you can stick in an envelope.

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May 21 2013

Free Plagiarism Checker

In keeping with the theme from 10/9/10, plagiarism is very important.  Here is another free tool for freelancers to use to make sure their articles are unique.  It’s called Dustball Plagiarism checker.

The free version is great for checking offline documents, such as articles.  Run your article through Dustball prior to submitting it to your client. For those that have a team of writers, submit thier articles through Dustball prior to submitting it to the client.  All you have to do is copy the article and paste it into the box on the Dustball website.  The free version of Dustball captures about 85% of what Copyscape would find.

For a fee of $8 a month, Dustball will find all duplicates and is comparable with Copyscape.  A write must decide if the monthly fee is worth it for them.

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