Aug 20 2013

List of Ultimately Persuasive Reasons To Become A Freelance Writer

With the expansive growth of all online business and e-commerce, freelance writers have a top notch opportunity to use their skills as a source of income. If you are still hesitating whether to launch your freelance writing path or not, the following reasons will convince you to take action and sign up as a writer as soon as possible.

  • woman-typing-on-computer-with-a-smileIf you love writing, this job will be like a hobby that makes money.

  • Since the income will be continuous, you’ll have access to money whenever you need it. That’s awesome!

  • Writer is a profession one can be proud of.

  • The Internet will support your research with all needed resources. You can find enough material for any topic you’re working on.

  • You won’t have to spend all your savings and quit your job to follow your dreams and travel around the world. Just take your laptop and work as you travel.

  • If writing is your hobby, it can develop into a prosperous freelancing career.

  • The rights for your articles will be a continuous source of income.

  • There will always be one or more clients interested in your style of writing.

  • You won’t have to commute to and from work. That’s some valuable time saving right there!

  • Intelligent computer systems don’t have the potential of replacing real creative writers.

  • You’ll get tons of information on a regular basis. As a result, you’ll be getting a little bit smarter every day.

  • You can become a freelance writer today! There is no need for preparations, job applications, and unpleasant interviews.

  • You can never be too old or too young to enter this market.

  • If you find a particular client impossible to collaborate with, you can simply start working for another one.

  • If you want to publish short stories or novels, the potential editors will show interest in your previous work. Freelance writing gives you a chance to build a decent portfolio.

  • Your mind is constantly getting new ideas? That can be a torture when you have a boring office job, but it’s an advantage for a career in freelance writing!

  • A part-time work for a great client can be turned into full-time employment if you come to an agreement.

  • You want to become a journalist? Freelance writing will enable you to obtain the needed experience and skills.

  • You won’t be burdened by other people’s expectations and unfair team work.

  • Through daily writing practice, you’ll discover your unique writer’s voice.

  • You’ll boost your grasp of proofreading, editing and formatting.

  • Your work as a freelance writer will never interfere with your goals of personal growth.

  • As a freelance writer, you can always find a way to express your opinions and feelings without being afraid how other people would accept them.

  • This career gives you an opportunity to become an influential expert in the area you devote yourself to.

  • You can achieve a balance between your work and personal life.

  • You CAN generate a decent, regular income through freelance writing.

  • You can support yourself through freelance writing while exploring another profession that doesn’t pay at the time.

  • You don’t have to beg your boss for a vacation; you can take it any time.

  • Real” jobs are usually associated to moving to other cities and making long trips. You won’t face such issues if you choose to become a freelance writer.

  • As you improve your time-management skills, you will become a more focused person who is able to resist any distraction.

  • Freelancing jobs are a great source of income for students.

  • The job is very dynamic; you won’t get bored if you choose your projects wisely.

  • You will be the creator of your own rules. You have an afternoon party to attend? No problem; you can plan the day as you wish.

  • You don’t have to go through an unpaid internship before you start making money as a freelance writer.

  • If you want to work under a busier schedule, you can apply to as many freelancing jobs as you can handle.

  • This career enables you to develop different skills through a continuous practice.

  • You will have direct contact with the clients you work for.

  • When you write every day, you will come to a point when you are able to express authoritative opinions on any topic.

  • The time and e
    nergy you invest into this work will be your own decision.

  • Your success won’t depend upon the connections you have. If you are a motivated, creative, and committed writer, the clients will probably want to collaborate with you again.

  • Depending on the contract, you can own the copyright to the content you produce.

  • You don’t need any previous professional experience to become a freelance writer. This is a great job for recent graduates.

  • You’ll connect with like-minded people from different cultures and countries.

  • You want to enjoy the sun with your family? Take your laptop, sit by the pool and use that inspiration to do some work.

  • Your readers will share the published articles, so you’ll reach a greater audience by the day.

  • You can experiment with various styles and forms of writing. Articles, lists, essays, news, blogs… take your pick!

  • You will enjoy a level of independence that’s impossible to have with another profession.

  • The act of writing is pleasurable and enlightening.

  • When you are ready for the next step, you can start managing your own team of freelance writers.

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Aug 20 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! (Update)

Hey Everyone!  I want to wish all my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving.  This is the beginning of a very busy holiday season in my household, with my youngest son’s birthday on Friday, my birthday on the 9th, a few relatives in the weeks following, then Christmas, then my oldest son’s birthday on the 30th, and the big party night, New Year’s Eve!

I love it all! I love the busyness, the smells, the noise, the crowds… I love it all. It doesn’t seem like a holiday unless the house is just as full as my belly!

This  year, I am thankful for (in no particular order):

  • My family
  • My job
  • My house
  • The internet
  • Laptop computers
  • The smell of my kids after a bath
  • Ghost Hunter’s show
  • On Demand
  • My wood stove
  • Pizza
  • My oldest having the best school year he’s ever had
  • Medication
  • Wet kisses from my baby
  • Another great year

I also want to apologize for not posting here in a few weeks. The Blog Challenge really burned me out, and I had so much other work to do, that this blog ended up taking the back burner for a while. Next week, I hope to begin posting more regularly again.

My newest venture is that I’ve been writing celebrity gossip news over at  It’s so much fun! Writers are paid by page view, up to $10 per article which has to be at least 150 words, and then bonuses.  I’ve made over $100 this month so far, and I wrote about 22 articles, all of them are between 160 and 220 words.  So, I don’t think that’s too bad! Especially since it’s fun and quick work!

I’ve also recently been hired at Purecontent, over in the UK, and I will get my first assignment next week.

I’m looking to boost my output to start socking away money for my Disney trip in March! BlueGlass, my favorite place to write, seems to have picked up a bit, so I’m very excited about that.

One of my biggest revelations about my writing style and preferences is that I much prefer to write smaller articles that may pay less, than larger articles at, say Demand Studios, that take a lot of time to research. My “per hour” income is actually a lot higher when I write smaller articles, and I enjoy it so the stress is less… just something to think about when looking at writing jobs. I always said that if I was to work from home, I’d make sure it was something that I loved doing, and that means even taking clients and writing jobs that I loved. If I dont enjoy a particular job, I’ll move on. Being a freelance writer allows me to pick and choose my work, which is one of the greatest benefits of this lifestyle!

So, once again, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Aug 20 2013

I’ve Been Fired!!

Well, it’s enivitable that a freelance writer will get released from writing with a company or client at some point in time. It may be because there is no more work available for the writer, it may be because of a disagreement, it may be because of style issues, or it may be due to plagiarism.  There are a million different reasons why a freelance writer may get fired. Because it is bound to happen at least once, prepare yourself now so that you do not get discouraged.

I’ve been fired!  And, I hate to say that it was from wiseGEEK.  As I’ve stated before in my wiseGEEK posts, they are very picky, but a really good client to work for.  They are one of my favorite places to work and I am sad that this has happened.  They have a very strict policy for only accepting unique content.  I use multiple websites when researching article topics so that I do not turn in work with any duplicated content.  The other day, I had two articles that had a SIMILAR sentence as other articles on the internet. They were not the same sentence, but they were similar.  This happened during my testing too, so I was notified that I can no longer write for wiseGEEK.

Most people would be too embarrassed to tell the world that they were let go from a contract, company, or client. But, I want others to know that it is part of the game.  One thing that is very true in freelance writing and that is the need for thick skin.  Freelancers will receive quite a bit of rejections, and you should prepare youself for them.  Don’t let it get you down, but instead us it as a learning experience.  Take a look at why you were let go, and do what ever it takes to make sure that whatever issue it was, it will not happen again.  If that means taking a class, doing some personal skill building, or even a simple attitude adjustment, learn from your mistake and don’t make the same mistake again.

If it was out of your control, or you were let go because of something that you did not specifically do, that that is even more reason not to get upset about it.  Shake it off and move on to bigger and better things.

“As one door closes, another one opens.”  Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard this saying many times, but that is because it’s true.  Remember this when you receive a rejection or get let go.  I do believe that things happen for a reason, so instead of wallowing in sadness over being let go or having an article rejected, get excited about what is going to happen next.

When you loose a client, find a replacement that pays even more.  Or, increase your productivity at another company.  This is another great reason why a freelance writer should have multiple eggs in their basket.  A freelance writer should have multiple streams of income because you never know when one might go bad.

Go ahead, turn your bad experience into something profitable, I DARE YOU!!

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Aug 20 2013

wiseGEEK – Round 3

I submitted my last three articles to wiseGEEK and I thought they were really good.  I picked three fun topics to write about and got them all done pretty quickly.  Then the wait. Since I really want to get on with this company I’m so anxious about hearing back from them.

I just heard back and I have been asked to do one more test group of 3! She said they don’t usually do this, but is willing to give me one more chance to make some improvements. I am THRILLED to get another chance and I’m going to try very hard to provide 3 outstanding articles.

My biggest problem is that some of my paragraphs are too long. This is hard for me because I am long winded, even when I speak and even just writing casual emails to friends.

The other major thing I need to work on is keeping in mind that not everyone reading wiseGEEK articles are from the US.  I think I understand now that I not only just have to reference that what I’m writing about applies to US only, I need to indicate what International rules or guidelines might be, or indicate that people from other countries need to check with their local government or whatever.. depending on what I’m writing about.

So, off I go to pick three new articles for wiseGEEK and work my but of to get hired by them! I really want to be a freelance writer and contributor for wiseGEEK.

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