Aug 20 2013

How To Manage Your Finances As A Freelance Writer


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People get into freelance writing for two reasons: they can’t get other work, perhaps because they have a young child, they are disabled or the job market is really bad, or because they love writing.  For some writers it is a combination of both.  Nobody ever gets into freelance writing for the money.

This is not to say that it is impossible to make good money as a freelance writer; indeed, some people have very lucrative careers.  It is, however, a tough business, and it demands dedication long before it starts to deliver rewards.  People starting out as freelancers either need to have other paying jobs or need to be prepared to get by on very little remuneration.  It is vitally important to know how to manage money; not only does this help to make a little go a long way but also it helps to save a lot of time and effort.  Good money management is efficient money management, and it frees up more time for writers to focus on putting words on the page.

Five steps to success

For people who want to succeed in the writing business, there are simple rules that can make all the difference.

  • Never write for nothing.  It can be worth doing unpaid work to increase visibility, but only if the publication in question has serious outreach.  It can be worth interning, but only if real education is provided.  Writers have to be wary of being taken advantage of.
  • There is always a job out there.  As long as low paid work does not eat up time that could be spent chasing more lucrative jobs, it is worth doing.  It is better to be earning something than nothing, and all paid work helps to build up a portfolio.
  • Find a niche.  Most writers work in a lot of different areas to get by, but having one or two specialist subjects or skills helps with building a reputation to the level where much better paying jobs are within reach.
  • Claim expenses.  What can be claimed varies by jurisdiction, but computer and stationery costs, a share of household bills and some travel costs can all potentially be declared against tax.
  • Aim high.  Too many writers undervalue themselves.  Making real money requires a proactive approach that includes contacting high-end publications and big businesses – they just might be hiring.

Keeping money simple

Freelancing can mean juggling a lot of contracts, especially with the smaller jobs needed to fill in between the larger ones, and it is often a good idea to sign up with an umbrella company.  These organizations can often help with sourcing contracts and, most importantly, can take care of all those tricky tax and finance issues.

For writers who choose to go it alone, the most important thing is to keep on top of accounts.  It is a good idea to set a day aside at the end of the month for sorting out invoices and chasing up late payers.  Accounts need to be kept neat and up to date – it is always possible that they will be audited.  Good organization pays dividends, as it ensures that no money goes unclaimed.



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May 21 2013

Textbroker Is In The UK

United Kingdom

Image by stumayhew via Flickr

There are not as many content mills for UK freelance writers as there are for US freelance writers. But this week, UK writers have a new choice, Textbroker UK.

This well respected content mill is still going strong, despite the Panda changes that have forced others to close their doors. The original Textbroker

company is still restricted to US writers only, but have opened up a branch in the UK. According to the announcement, ” will accept authors from Australia, Canada, Britain and other English-speaking countries outside of the US.” And will pay authors in Euros.

For a quick overview, here are some important pieces of information to know about

  • Choose an article from the list of available assignments, write it according to the client’s instructions, then choose another article to write. (You can only claim and write one article at a time)
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of articles required.
  • There are no sign-up fees or any other fees – an author account is free.
  • If a client likes your work, you may recieve a DirectOrder from that client. You set the price, and if it’s within the client’s budget, he/she will agree.
  • Textbroker bill clients for you.
  • Earnings are clearly listed for each article
  • Pay-offs occur twice a month via PayPal. You receive your full earnings because Textbroker covers all PayPal fees.
  • Since you are an independent contractor, Textbroker doesn’t withhold any taxes.
  • Every article is reviewed by the editorial staff, all of whom have degrees in English and language studies. They give feedback on errors as well as strengths to help you avoid the former and expand on the latter.
  • To help writers improve, Textbroker also has a fun, casual blog with grammar tips, research tricks and resources.

Pay Rates

Quality- and payment-rates at Textbroker¹
Article Quality payment per word payment per 500 words
(approximately one letter page)
2 stars: legible 0.7 Cent   3.50 Euro
3 stars: good quality 0.9 Cent   4.50 Euro
4 stars: excellent quality 1.2 Cent   6.00 Euro
5 stars: professional quality 4.0 Cent   20.00 Euro

1) As of July 4th, 2008, payment into a Paypal account requires a minimum balance of 10.00 EUR or more.

Additional information about


  • Authors are paid for articles immediately upon acceptance by the client.
  • Payoff can be requested to a PayPal or bank account, as long as the balance is greater than 10 EUR.
  • Missed payoff deadlines will roll over to the following pay period.
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May 21 2013

Free Craig’s List Search Tool

For those that spend hours searching through Craig’s List for clients, this post is for  you!

Freelance writing can be done from anywhere, so when looking on Craig’s List for writing jobs, go ahead and browse listings in other cities. This can be a great way to find private clients, but it can also suck up a lot of time. Here is a free Craig’s List search tool to drastically cut your job search time!

CraigZoom is a fast and easy way to search Craig’s List for any keyword you want, which is perfect for searching for freelance writing opportunities. There are two ways to search:

1) You can designate specific cities or states on the left side to search for your keyword only in those regions.

2) You can search the entire Craig’s List site all at once.

To make your search even more refined, at the top of the left column you can put a price range or select a specific category to search in.

To take it even a step further, set up a CraigZoom Alert. This will automatically send you an email when a new post that meets your criteria is added to Craig’s List. This way, you will be notified as soon as a new writing job is posted and you can get your resume and cover letter to the poster quickly, bettering your chances of being considered for the position.

I have bookmarked CraigZoom, the free Craig’s List search tool, and the CraigZoom Alert, as these are both be priceless tools to keep in  my freelance writer toolbox! You should bookmark these sites too!

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May 21 2013

QualityGal – I’ve been hired

I am happy to report that I was hired by QualityGal today!  I am thrilled with this new egg!  I had some feedback from the editor to improve my future submissions and after clarifying with her, I’m confident I’ll do great here!

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