Apr 10 2015

List of Ultimately Persuasive Reasons To Become A Freelance Writer

With the expansive growth of all online business and e-commerce, freelance writers have a top notch opportunity to use their skills as a source of income. If you are still hesitating whether to launch your freelance writing path or not, the following reasons will convince you to take action and sign up as a writer as soon as possible.

  • woman-typing-on-computer-with-a-smileIf you love writing, this job will be like a hobby that makes money.

  • Since the income will be continuous, you’ll have access to money whenever you need it. That’s awesome!

  • Writer is a profession one can be proud of.

  • The Internet will support your research with all needed resources. You can find enough material for any topic you’re working on.

  • You won’t have to spend all your savings and quit your job to follow your dreams and travel around the world. Just take your laptop and work as you travel.

  • If writing is your hobby, it can develop into a prosperous freelancing career.

  • The rights for your articles will be a continuous source of income.

  • There will always be one or more clients interested in your style of writing.

  • You won’t have to commute to and from work. That’s some valuable time saving right there!

  • Intelligent computer systems don’t have the potential of replacing real creative writers.

  • You’ll get tons of information on a regular basis. As a result, you’ll be getting a little bit smarter every day.

  • You can become a freelance writer today! There is no need for preparations, job applications, and unpleasant interviews.

  • You can never be too old or too young to enter this market.

  • If you find a particular client impossible to collaborate with, you can simply start working for another one.

  • If you want to publish short stories or novels, the potential editors will show interest in your previous work. Freelance writing gives you a chance to build a decent portfolio.

  • Your mind is constantly getting new ideas? That can be a torture when you have a boring office job, but it’s an advantage for a career in freelance writing!

  • A part-time work for a great client can be turned into full-time employment if you come to an agreement.

  • You want to become a journalist? Freelance writing will enable you to obtain the needed experience and skills.

  • You won’t be burdened by other people’s expectations and unfair team work.

  • Through daily writing practice, you’ll discover your unique writer’s voice.

  • You’ll boost your grasp of proofreading, editing and formatting.

  • Your work as a freelance writer will never interfere with your goals of personal growth.

  • As a freelance writer, you can always find a way to express your opinions and feelings without being afraid how other people would accept them.

  • This career gives you an opportunity to become an influential expert in the area you devote yourself to.

  • You can achieve a balance between your work and personal life.

  • You CAN generate a decent, regular income through freelance writing.

  • You can support yourself through freelance writing while exploring another profession that doesn’t pay at the time.

  • You don’t have to beg your boss for a vacation; you can take it any time.

  • Real” jobs are usually associated to moving to other cities and making long trips. You won’t face such issues if you choose to become a freelance writer.

  • As you improve your time-management skills, you will become a more focused person who is able to resist any distraction.

  • Freelancing jobs are a great source of income for students.

  • The job is very dynamic; you won’t get bored if you choose your projects wisely.

  • You will be the creator of your own rules. You have an afternoon party to attend? No problem; you can plan the day as you wish.

  • You don’t have to go through an unpaid internship before you start making money as a freelance writer.

  • If you want to work under a busier schedule, you can apply to as many freelancing jobs as you can handle.

  • This career enables you to develop different skills through a continuous practice.

  • You will have direct contact with the clients you work for.

  • When you write every day, you will come to a point when you are able to express authoritative opinions on any topic.

  • The time and e
    nergy you invest into this work will be your own decision.

  • Your success won’t depend upon the connections you have. If you are a motivated, creative, and committed writer, the clients will probably want to collaborate with you again.

  • Depending on the contract, you can own the copyright to the content you produce.

  • You don’t need any previous professional experience to become a freelance writer. This is a great job for recent graduates.

  • You’ll connect with like-minded people from different cultures and countries.

  • You want to enjoy the sun with your family? Take your laptop, sit by the pool and use that inspiration to do some work.

  • Your readers will share the published articles, so you’ll reach a greater audience by the day.

  • You can experiment with various styles and forms of writing. Articles, lists, essays, news, blogs… take your pick!

  • You will enjoy a level of independence that’s impossible to have with another profession.

  • The act of writing is pleasurable and enlightening.

  • When you are ready for the next step, you can start managing your own team of freelance writers.

Aug 20 2013

Article Rates – Low Priced Articles Can Add Up

Happy Friday!  Let’s talk about rates today since a lot of people equate Friday with payday.

Do you have a minimum rate for your work? Does the time it takes you to complete an assignment come into play when you charge these rates or accept a job with a predetermined payment?

Of course we all want to earn as much money as we possibly can.  As a freelance writer becomes more experienced, they will typically charge higher amounts for their work.  Sometimes that work also takes longer to complete because as with any skill, harder jobs are typically done by more experienced people.

I just wanted to throw this out there to all of you: sometimes taking on a lesser paying job, that can be done quickly, will actually earn you more money!

As a Freelance Writer grows and gains experiences, they start to learn more about themselves as writers.  The writer will notice a trend in the niches that are more enjoyable to write, what styles match the writer’s style better, and perhaps the writer even has a preference to article length. Some writers enjoy researching and learning new things or spilling out the same topics over and over again in the specialty of their choice. Some simply like to write quick and simple articles.

Today, I want to talk about the long articles that have higher payouts versus small articles with lower payouts.  I have recently come across a couple of companies that pay on the low end of the pay scale, but the articles are very short and require little to no research.  I decided to apply after hearing a little bit about them on the WAHM.com Moms Who Write message board.

I decided to apply, and have been hired for one of the companies already, because the work is actually going to earn me more money per hour than some of the bigger and higher paying content mills.

Okay,  I know it’s Friday, but let’s talk math for a minute.

For example, I can write one article at Demand Studios for $15.  With the research, choosing pictures, and finding resources, it takes a good hour to two hours for me to complete one assignment.  That means I am working for $15 an hour or (gasp) $7.50 an hour.  Yet, I can complete four or five of the smaller articles at one of these other companies in an hour. Even though those smaller articles might pay only $4 or $5, I am earning more money per hour because I can get them completed quickly. At the least, making $16 per hour when I complete 4 articles at $4 each in one hour. If I complete 5 articles at $4 each, I’ll make $20 an hour. If I can finish 25 articles a day, 5 days a week, this will give me about $2,600 a month of income (or more)!  That sounds pretty good! I can easily complete 25 small, 300-400 word articles a day.

Of course, in order for this to really work well, the company needs to have a lot of assingmetns available so that there is enough work to actually complete 25 articles a day.  If a writer is only going to be able to do a few small articles here and there, the low payments might not work out.  Again, it really depends on the writer’s style and preferences.

Private clients are a whole ‘nother ball of wax.  A writer can pick and choose their private clients and only contract with ones that pay high rates.  The writer may still choose to take a smaller pay amount for very quick and easy work, or, the writer may hold out for bigger and better pay.

It really boils down to what works best for you as a Freelance Writer.  There are all kinds of companies that hire freelance writers, just check out the huge List Of Companies That Hire Freelance Writers. I’m sure there are more that are not even listed and can be found on such sites as Craigslist.org or any of the many freelance writing  job posting websites.

What do you think about writing short, easy articles for a lesser pay amount versus a higher pay for larger article that require more research and take longer to complete?

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Aug 20 2013

Tip for Freelance Writers – Schedule Your Time

If I could think of the best piece of advice to give a WAHM or WAHD, it would be to schedule  your time.  Just like a person working out of the home has specific work hours, a person that works from home should also have specific work hours.  Having a set schedule helps on so many levels, both personal and professional.

Family is very important to people that work from home and may even be the main reason why they chose to work from home. I hear, quite often, that people working from home work a lot more hours than people working outside of the home. This can impact family life when the individual is always at the computer and it can cause family members to feel neglected.

When you love what you do, it is very easy to lose track of time and spend hours and hours on the computer.  Those hours and hours add up to a lot more time away from the family than what  an out of the home job would require.  Sometimes this “overtime” is needed to make sure you meet your monthly income goal. Other times it’s simply because you’ve lost track of time.

Family members may feel upset about your time spent on the computer.  A way to combat this is to set up specific work time. That way you will know exactly when it’s time to work, and when it’s time to play, and your family will know too. When you are working, make sure you optimize your time to get your work done.   Don’t procrastinate. Don’t get carried away checking the message boards.  Work efficiently so that when the time is right, you can close up shop and join the family.

If you stay on the computer too long, at all times of the day and night, then your clients will begin to expect it and they may want to call you late at night. This can disrupt the family time, but the client knows your on the computer all the time so they may not think twice, or may not even realize that they are interrupting you.  When you set working hours, your clients will clearly know when they can and can not reach you.

I also believe that if you have specific working hours, your job feels like a “real” job or business and provides a level of professionalism that might not otherwise be present.  I often get the impression that people don’t think freelance writing is a “real” job. Sometimes people will come right out and say that, others are more subtle.  Either way, one way to help show that freelance writing is a legitimate career is to set a work schedule and treat it like a legitimate career.

There are other benefits to having a specific work schedule, but I only talked about the most obvious benefits.  Can you think of other reasons why a person that works from home should have a set schedule?

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Aug 20 2013

QualityGal – I’ve been hired

I am happy to report that I was hired by QualityGal today!  I am thrilled with this new egg!  I had some feedback from the editor to improve my future submissions and after clarifying with her, I’m confident I’ll do great here!

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